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Affordable and effective Internet Monitoring - How can you provide Internet access that encourages productivity and discourages abusive surfing? How can you protect your network connections from being clogged by music downloads and game-playing? And how can you protect your company from legal actions resulting from inappropriate usage? DSC Convergent can offer the most advanced filtering technology available for the corporate environment, easing the challenge of managing Internet usage in the workplace. We can help you:

Enhance Employee Productivity
From last night's sports scores to online games and day trading, the Internet is a seductive place. How many hours of lost productivity can your company afford?
Optimize Network Bandwidth
Combine recreational surfing with bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming audio and video and MP3 downloads and you have a significant impact on network performance.
Reduce Legal Liability
Letting employees surf anywhere on the Internet can lead them to stray to clearly inappropriate sites: sexually explicit sites and those promoting violence and hate speech. This kind can lead to lawsuits, harassment charges, and even criminal prosecution. Protect your employees and your company by promoting intelligent Internet use.