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Wireless E1/T1 Modems for point-to-point connectivity - an ideal solution for extending private networks- We can provide a wireless alternative to leased lines and other synchronous data connections. Providing E1/T1 transmission, our full-duplex wireless modem solutions are an inexpensive, robust and reliable alternative. 

Wireless Networking solutions for local area networks (LANs), building-to-building connectivity and Internet access. We realize the benefits of flexible, plug-and-play network connections that maintain mobility and accommodate temporary, ad-hoc, building-to-building, in building and Internet connectivity. As network requirements change, as new locations open, for temporary network access, or as the number of mobile users increases, We can provide quick connectivity anywhere.

WAN Connections
Wide area network design and installation
- Site to site connections over leased lines for remote access and well as virtual private network.